How can Excalibre Tech help ensure I comply with the ULEZ and Clean Air Zones

What is ULEZ and how can I reduce my emissions?

What do CAZ, LEZ, ULEZ mean? A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) are areas in towns and cities that have restrictions on the use of vehicles in order to address issues with emissions and air pollution. In the UK, an LEZ will charge for driving high polluting vehicles within the Zone […]

The Mercedes Econic - emissions control systems

Excalibre release RCV and HGV Retrofit Kit for Mercedes

Excalibre Technologies, alongside long-term business partners Proventia, have announced the release of retrofit kits for both the Mercedes Econic and the Mercedes Atego vehicles. The testing yielded strong results for both vehicles, managing to reduce the NOx emissions for both vehicles by over 95%. The systems are both based on the Proventia NOxBUSTER™ City technology […]