Picture of retrofit SCR system installation NOxBUSTER® City

CVRAS certification award

Great news for all Volvo FMX, Volvo FM and Volvo FH owners as well as Renault Premium, Magnum and Kerax owners! Proventia Oy’s NOxBuster City has been awarded CVRAS certification and can now be fitted to these Euro IV and Euro V D13 and D16 powered HGV’s to bring them up to Euro VI requirements. […]

How can Beer and Crisps help tackle climate change?

How can Beer and Crisps help tackle climate change?

originally posted by  Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst December 2020. edited by Excalibre Tech… Walkers says it will reduce CO2 emissions from its manufacturing process by 70% thanks to new technology processes. The technology, developed by a Government funded start-up called CCM, will use CO2 captured from beer fermentation in a brewery, which is then mixed with […]

home working causing air pollution

How home workers and less people using public transport increase air pollution

The BBC Environmental Analyst Roger Harrabin reveals how covid-19 restrictions will continue to affect air pollution in the winter months.   While fewer people are travelling to offices and places of work during the various tiers of lockdown, many are now using cars when previously they would have taken buses or trains. Single car use […]

NEWSFLASH: Retrofit solution grant for ULEZ compliance

Retrofit solution grant This week the Mayor of London announced the launch of a new retrofit solution grant for ULEZ compliance to address the continuing issue of high polluting vehicles….and operators are already responding positively! The scheme offers small businesses and charities grants of up to £15,000 per vehicle (to a max of 3) to […]

Why you need to maintain your diesel vehicles DPF

VIDEO: Why you need to maintain your diesel vehicle’s DPF

Why you need to maintain your diesel vehicle’s DPF Watch our latest explainer video to discover why you MUST maintain your DPF and how you can do it. It’ll save you money and will help reduce the growing problem of urban pollution….. Play the video below and contact us if you have any questions.