Car and LCV DPF Cleaning

DPF’s fitted to cars, vans and LCV’s are generally not seen as serviceable items as they are a part of a sealed system. At Excalibre we are able to effectively clean the DPF removing all of the accumulated soot and ash and return it to an as new condition. The Flash Cleaner machine is designed to accommodate the whole exhaust system so there is no need to remove the DPF from the exhaust.

Short journeys and low speed driving can cause car DPF’s to become blocked with soot. This results in a loss of power and eventually an emissions warning light. If the regeneration system on the vehicle is ineffective then the only option is to clean the DPF. Additionally, over time ash accumulates in the DPF and this needs to be removed to maintain the effective volume of the part and minimise exhaust back pressure.

Excalibre Flash Cleaner Process

  • All DPF’s received at Excalibre are given a unique identification number and are then flow tested.
  • The Hydraulic cleaning process effectively removes accumulated ash and soot from the DPF.
  • The DPF is then thoroughly dried and flow tested, comparing it to baseline data.
  • If the initial clean is unsuccessful then the process may be repeated or an additional thermal process performed.
  • The data is stored on a database and is contained in the Cleaning Record that accompanies every cleaned DPF.
Stacked exhausts
Stacked exhausts by Excalibre

Arrange a DPF Clean

Please contact us with your vehicle details to arrange collection of your DPF’s – 01594 887414 or email

We will then arrange collection by courier. Typical turnaround time is 2 days and shipping is again via courier.

Benefits of using Excalibre

• 12 month guarantee

• No clean – no charge

• Industry proven cleaning technology

• Flow testing before and after cleaning

• Cleaning record with every clean

• Over 20 years experience of DPF cleaning