Retrofit SCR Systems

Proventia NOxBuster® Retrofit SCR Systems

Excalibre supply and install the Proventia range of NOxBUSTER® retrofit SCR systems.

The system is fully approved by TfL for retrofit programs in London and through the Clean Bus Technology Fund for local authorities within the UK.

The Proventia NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR system is a comprehensive concept for the most stringent emission requirements in retrofits.

It is a powerful combination of various technologies that effectively eliminates the NOx , PM, CO and HC emissions from on-road and off-road machines.

With these systems it is possible to take a vehicle from Euro 3 up to Euro 5 or 6 emission standards.

The systems are readily retrofitted to a range of vehicle especially busses and coaches.

OE quality catalysts and Adblue dosing systems are used giving > 70% NOx reduction in urban operation.

Additionaly a Diesel particulate filter may be included as a part of the system to give > 95% PM reduction.


  • For on-road and off-road applications 70-450 kW
  • NOx reduction over 60%
  • PM reduction over 90% with optional DPF
  • Reliable operation in all applications with independent urea dosing system (UDS)
  • On-board diagnostic procedure informs the driver of the system status
  • No power loss
  • Upgrades your on-road vehicle from EURO III to EURO V or VI emissions levels
  • Upgrades your off-road machine from Stage II to Stage IV