Euro 4 and 5 Silencers

Aftermarket silencers with OE standard fit and performance

Excalibre offer a constantly growing range of aftermarket silencers to suit Euro 4 & 5 vehicles. Our most commonly supplied parts are listed here. Please call if you cannot find what you require.

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Most Euro 4 & 5 vehicles use AdBlue technology for emissions compliance. The silencers incorporate a catalytic convertor which is specially designed to suit each vehicle and engine configuration. The silencers we supply are all tested to perform identically to the orignal OE part and comply with vehicle on-board-diagnostics (OBD).

We also offer MAN and Scania silencers incorporating open flow filters.

Cleaning service

Euro 4 & 5 silencers fitted onto vehicles using AdBlue can sometimes become blocked with crystals of AdBlue. Depending on the degree of accumulation it is sometimes possible to clean these silencers and restore the function of the catalyst.

Refurbishment of damages silencers

When the catalyst elements are damaged and no longer functioning Excalibre can replace them with new SCR catalysts to restore performance.

Note that when a silencer is damaged by an accumulation of AdBlue crystals then the dosing system should be serviced before fitting a new silencer.


We manufacture Euro 4 & 5 truck and bus silencers for many ranges including:


  • ADL E200/300/400
  • Volvo FH/FM
  • Renault Magnum/Premium
  • Renault Magnum & Premium
  • Scania
  • Volvo FH & FM
  • Mercedes Actros, Atego & Axor




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